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Is Montessori for You?

Underlying the Montessori curriculum are the fundamental beliefs that each child has an instinctive and spontaneous desire to learn and that self-motivation is necessary for learning. In the Montessori classroom, individual responsibility for behavior, along with respect for people and property, accompanies the freedom that students enjoy. In collaboration with observant teachers, who assist with goal-setting and ensure steady achievement, children move themselves toward learning. They learn at their own pace and pursue materials and topics that are of interest to them.

To be successful, entering students must be able to learn to make choices, cooperate with peers, develop and maintain a sense of order, demonstrate self-discipline, function independently, and participate non-competitively in a classroom community. They must also find intrinsic satisfaction in work well done instead of seeking extrinsic rewards or pats on the back. Students with diverse learning styles—primarily auditory, visual, or kinesthetic—will find many stimulating and appropriate activities at Ridgeline. Students who are highly distractible may find our environment too stimulating for their learning needs.

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