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Mission & Vision

Our mission: We provide an academically rigorous Montessori education. Students balance their freedom to explore and think for themselves with their responsibility to work and learn within a community.

Our vision: Empowering creative learners to build community and thoughtfully shape the world through public Montessori education.

Academic rigor

Historically, Montessori elementary students do well compared to their peers, and Montessori schools are highly rated academically. Ridgeline Montessori continues this tradition by combining the same high standards found in Eugene schools with an innovative, engaging Montessori curriculum and pedagogy previously unavailable in local public education.

Our curriculum is unique to the school, merging the Oregon Curriculum Goals with the Montessori Scope and Sequence. The richness and depth of this curriculum, combined with the motivating elements of the Montessori method, engage students and challenge them to work at their full capacity.

All Oregon assessments are administered to Ridgeline students to ensure they are meeting or exceeding Oregon standards. We are proud of our testing record, which compares very well to that of older, more-established programs. For more information on our test results, see www.ode.state.or.us and select Reports. Click on AYP, School and District AYP Reports, Eugene School District 4J, and then Ridgeline Montessori to see our scores in various subject areas. If you have additional questions, please call the Ridgeline office.

Social growth and emotional development

Education of character is a basic tenet of Montessori education. Students realize the nonacademic outcomes of the Montessori philosophy, including respect for others, self-motivation, and self-reliance. Children learn to take care of themselves, their environment, and each other. Students in a Montessori classroom, in cooperation with their teacher, set their own goals, manage their time, and take responsibility for their learning.

Active parent participation

The Montessori classroom fosters community spirit not only in the classroom but also throughout the school community. Just as Ridgeline students take responsibility for classroom jobs such as taking attendance, recycling paper, cleaning, and tending the garden, Ridgeline parents take on a variety of roles that ensure the school's operation. In this way, parents show children that their education is worthy of a family effort.

Ridgeline Montessori families are expected to complete 40 hours of volunteer work per academic year. Strong parent support is vital because, per the terms of our charter, Ridgeline Montessori receives 80% of regular state per-pupil funding. Our tight state-provided budget limits our ability to pay for support functions. Instead we rely on a committee structure of parent volunteers to handle fundraising, special events, student recruiting, newsletter production, teacher-assigned tasks, and other school-supportive efforts. All parents are encouraged to participate in Parent Council meetings. Parents may also serve on the Site Council by election or the Board of Directors by appointment.